TotalPond 45 GPH Fountain Pump

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The best choice for a water garden fountain pump that can be trusted to operate your small to medium sized fountain is the TotalPond 45 GPH Fountain Pump. Constructed with only the finest materials, ensuring you optimal performance at all times, the TotalPond 45 GPH Fountain Pump is top of the line. As a pond owner, you will be looking for quality and reliability for your garden products and PondPlanet is the place to look, with pumps that are specifically designed to meet the demands of a pond and fountain. Unlike most other pumps on the market, these pumps are made to run continuously and consume less energy, and they can potentially save hundreds of dollars over time. These pumps are not filled with any oils or chemicals so you do not have to worry about the pump causing harm to your fish friends. TotalPond 45 GPH Fountain Pumps are low-maintenance with only one moving part, an impeller. All TotalPond Pumps are suitable for statuary, fountains, and ponds.

This TotalPond Fountain Pump is ideally suited for small to medium garden fountains, piped statuary, and ponds. Use this pump as a submersible pump only. This TotalPond 45 GPH Fountain Pump will run quietly and faithfully while operating your water feature. Accepts 3/8" tubing.

Adapter Size 3/8in ID
Adjustable Flow Control Yes
Duration Cycle Continuous
Energy Efficient Yes
Energy Use 120 volts 60 Hz 2.7 watts 0.04 amps
Fish Safe Yes
Gallons Per Hour Range 30-225
Important Information This pump is designed for fresh water use only. When not in use during the winter months, store the pump indoors.
Length, Width and Height 1.5 in 1.25 in 1 in
Optimum Pumping Height up to 1 ft
Power Cord Length 6 ft
Submersible Yes
Warranty 1 Year

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