TotalPond Plant Food 12 Tabs

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Twelve tabs of Aquatic Plant Fertilizer have been provided in the bottle. The ingredients of this product are especially formulated for the needs of water plants. Protect your investment and feed your plants the nutrition they deserve.

The iron and potassium in pond water can quickly become depleted which can result in yellow decaying leaves and poor growth. Our TotalPond Plant Food contains a special formula that is readily absorbed through the plant leaves, supplying plants with these essential nutrients. Regular use of TotalPond Plant food will keep pond plants lush and colorful and healthy. Use the TotalPond Plant Food for a complete fertilization program for all pond plants. This product can be used in ponds and water gardens containing fish and plants.

Duration Cycle 2 times per day
Fish Safe Yes
Important Information Fish need little to no food during the winter season. Feeding fish may cause harm or may be fatal.
Submersible No, please remove remainders after 5 minutes.
Warranty 1 Year

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TotalPond Plant Food 12 Tabs
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TotalPond Plant Food 12 Tabs
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