TotalPond Replacement Filter for PF850 and PF1200UV

Brand: TotalPond
Product Code: RF13026
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Price: $29.94

Because some filters pads need changing more frequently TotalPond supplies their Replacement Pads in a pack of 2, with each pack containing one coarse and one fine filter. It is always recommended to keep a pack handy so you will never go without the cleaning power of the filter to maintain a healthy environment for your pond life.

The TotalPond Fine & Coarse Filter Pads serve as replacement for the 1200UV Pressurized Biological Filtration system and the 850 Pressurized Biological Filtration System. The coarse polyester pad offers biological filtration while the fine pad offers chemical and biological filtration, and both pads offer excellent mechanical filtration. Help support plant and fish life in your pond by filtering the water.
Duration Cycle Continuous with cleaning
Fish Safe Yes
Important Information •Pack of 2 superior performance filters (one coarse and one fine) •For PF850 and PF1200UV Pond Filters.
Warranty 1 Year

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TotalPond Replacement Filter for PF850 and PF1200UV
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TotalPond Replacement Filter for PF850 and PF1200UV
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