TotalPond Ceramic Frog Spitter

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Bring whimsical wildlife to your water garden using the TotalPond Ceramic Frog Spitter. This fun frog statue rests in a familiar pose, constantly watching the pond and preparing to leap at any moment. The eyes at the top of the head bring a lively expression to his face, while the textured back and legs add a hint of realism. A barbed outlet on the back of the item accepts 3/8" or 1/2" inner diameter tubing, which is not included, so water may travel through the unit and flow back into the pond from the frog's mouth. Use a small statuary pump (not included) to move water through the spitter to keep your container garden healthy. The construction of the frog spitter makes it so it can easily withstand the elements, and the darker mottled hues add a realistic look to the item. Add moving water to your garden in a fun way with this TotalPond Ceramic Frog Pond Spitter.

People love our little Frog Spitter and so will you. This delightful little character will work tirelessly and without complaint! He is proud of his important job of providing his best buddies with all the oxygen they need to survive. Just simply attach some tubing to this little guy and a pump and watch how he shoots water into the pond, aerating the water. Adding this lovely frog spitter accessory will help turn your pond into a garden friendly atmosphere!


Adapter Size 3/8 in or 1/2 in diameter
Fish Safe Yes
Length, Width and Height 6-1/2 in. H , 5-1/2 in. W
Warranty 1 Year

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