TotalPond Water Clarifier, 16 oz.

Brand: TotalPond
Product Code: A20016
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Price: $9.49

This 16 oz bottle of TotalPond Water Clarifier pond cleaner will effectively clear your pond of floating organic matter and debris by pulling the sediment together using polymers. When the clumps that form are heavy enough, they fall to the bottom or get processed through the filter. This bottle will treat up to 960 gallons of pond water. 

Fish Safe Yes
Important Information Treats up to 1,000 gallons. pH of Water is Maintained and Between 6.5 and 9.0. Water Temperatures are above 60°F. Dissolved Oxygen Levels Above 3 PPM (3 MG/L).
Warranty 1 Year

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TotalPond Water Clarifier, 16 oz.
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TotalPond Water Clarifier, 16 oz.
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