Pond Boss Fountain Fogger

Brand: pond boss
Product Code: DFF
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The Pond Boss Fountain Fogger utilizes electrical oscillation at ultrasonic frequencies to create a mystical effect. The ceramic disk changes electrical oscillation into mechanical oscillation, which creates the mist and water spray. This oscillation also produces negative ions, which help to freshen the air around you while creating fog that is perfect for Halloween or if you want to have that fog effect in your backyard patio or water garden. 

Duration Cycle Continuous
Energy Efficient Yes
Fish Safe Yes
Important Information This fogger is designed for fresh water use only. When not in use during the winter months, store the pump indoors.
Power Cord Length 16 ft
Submersible Yes
Warranty 1 Year

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Pond Boss Fountain Fogger
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Pond Boss Fountain Fogger Pond Boss Fountain Fogger Pond Boss Fountain Fogger
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