Pond Boss 1.5" Corrugated Tubing 20 ft Roll

Brand: pond boss
Product Code: TC11220
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Price: $34.99

Pond Boss carries one of the best kink-free corrugated tubing on the market! Our 1.5 inch tubing is flexible yet durable enough to last for years. This Pond Boss tubing is non-toxic and is safe for your fish and aquatic plants. Its black color is designed to prevent algae blooms and it will also blend well within your backyard pond or water garden. As an added convenience the Pond Boss 1.5" Corrugated Tubing comes in 20 foot rolls so you can cut as much as you want and save the rest for later.

*Need help finding the right pump or liner size? Check out our Pond Calculator to help you find what you need!
Duration Cycle Continuous
Fish Safe Yes
Length, Width and Height 20 ft roll
Submersible Can be used in or out of water
Warranty 1 Year

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Pond Boss 1.5" Corrugated Tubing 20 ft Roll
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Pond Boss 1.5" Corrugated Tubing 20 ft Roll
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