Pond Boss Turtle Spitter

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Enjoy seeing a turtle outside of your water garden with our Pond Boss Turtle Spitter. The Pond Boss Turtle Spitter is one of our most popular spitters because it is so reliable and aesthetically pleasing for any pond or water garden environment. This spitter is designed to aerate your pond water with a consistent, uninterrupted water flow. This intern oxygenates your pond water and balances the ecosystem keeping your pond happy and healthy. Moreover, this spitter mates with but does not include 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch ID tubing. Additionally, this turtle spitter is a great accent to any pond or water garden!

Adapter Size 3/8 in or 1/2 in diameter
Duration Cycle Continuous
Fish Safe Yes
Important Information Avoid using when water temperatures fall below 41° F. · Avoid using in water exceeding 100°F. · Do not pump heated liquids. · Do not let the pump run dry. Pump must be completely submerged for proper operation and cooling. · Operate in fresh water only. Avoid heavily chlorinated water and water with high pH levels
Warranty 1 Year

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