Pond Boss UV Replacement Bulb

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Our Pond Boss 9-Watt UV Replacement Bulb is compatible with the Pond Boss Pressurized UV Filter up to 1200 gallons and the Pond Boss UV Pond Clarifier. The bulb has 8,000 hours of life and is ideal for helping to eliminate algae growth in your pond or water garden. Replace every 6 months for optimal UV performance. Over time the strength of the UV bulb will weaken. Replacing the bulb every season is ideal, however, replacing every 6 months will also help to keep your pond healthy and algae free. Ultraviolet lights for ponds have turned into a modern necessity to help maintain the health of ponds in today's modern environment. UV clarifiers are not a substitute for filtering, but are rather solely meant to kill algae and other harmful bacteria. 

Bulb Type Fluorescent 9 Watts
Duration Cycle Continuous, change every 6 mos-1 year
Fish Safe Yes
Important Information Compatible with the FUV9 and FP1250UV. This product is to be operated within the following temperature range: 41°F - 100°F

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Pond Boss UV Replacement Bulb
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Pond Boss UV Replacement Bulb
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