Pond Boss 15x15 EPDM Liner

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Our Pond Boss 15x15 EPDM Liner is ideal for ponds that have a minimum depth of 18 inches or deeper. It is UV resistant, and comes with a full twenty year warranty. This Total Pond Liner meets the standards required for a professional pond or water fountain installation, yet it is flexible enough for even the first time pond owner. All of Pond Planets liners are non-toxic and safe for all fish and plant life.

This flexible Pond Boss EPDM 15x15 rubber pond liner can create a pond of nearly any size, shape, and depth. The size pond each liner can make will depend on the depth. For example with this 15x15 liner you can make a pond that is 10ft x10ft x18-in deep pond that can hold up to 1100 gallons of water.

Our Pond Boss EPDM rubber liner is the industry standard. This long-lasting pond liner is both fish and plant safe and easy to install for the pond professional or the beginners. Selecting a quality pond liner like this Totalpond EPDM liner is key to starting with the right foundation for your project.

Our Pond Boss EPDM 15x15 liners are great materials to use whether creating a water garden, koi pond, disappearing water feature, or other water retention needs.

*Need help finding the right pump or liner size? Check out our Pond Calculator to help you find what you need!


Liner Length 15ft
Liner Thickness 45 mil
Liner Width 15ft
Duration Cycle N/A
Fish Safe Yes
Important Information The Pond size that can be created with this liner is 10-ft. x 10-ft. x 18-in. and can hold up to 1,100 gallons of water
Submersible Can be used in or out of water
Warranty 20 Years

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