Pond Boss 13x20 PVC Pond Liner

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This quality Pond Boss PVC liner is able to provide a perfectly safe environment for all of your pond life. It is UV resistant so the color will not fade and it is 30% lighter than other PVC liners but just as durable and puncture and tear resistant as well. If you have any questions or concerns about which liner might be best for you, feel free to contact our friendly customer service department and someone will be glad to assist you.

Our Professional grade PVC Pond Liner 13x20 is perfect for any residential pond installer or do-it-yourself pond owner. The Pond Boss PVC Pond Liner is a very strong, lightweight alternative to traditional synthetic rubber liners. This premium flexible PVC liner's high-tech 14.5 mil thick design offers both puncture and tear resistance, yet remains highly flexible and convenient to install. It can easily shaped into any contour, and this liner is perfect for any pond shape. Fish safe and resistant to ultraviolet radiation, this liner will require little or no maintenance for the life of your pond. Just make sure to cover any excess liner that may hang over the pond to protect it from UV rays.

The black color of this flexible pond liner offers more resistance to UV light while providing the illusion of greater depth. The black PVC liner will offer a more natural looking pond that will quickly blend with its surroundings. The flexible pond liner's embossed surface doubles the surface area and creates pockets to promote bacteria colony growth. With proper care and maintenance, your liner will become a living immune system for your pond or water garden.

*Need help finding the right pump or liner size? Check out our Pond Calculator to help you find what you need!
Liner Length 13 ft
Liner Thickness 14.5 mil
Liner Width 20 ft
Duration Cycle N/A
Fish Safe Yes
Important Information The 13 ft. x 20 ft. liner will create a pond that is approximately 9 ft. x 16 ft. x 18in.deep. It will hold approximately 1200 gal. of water.
Length, Width and Height 13ft x 20ft and 14.5 mil thickness
Submersible Can be used in or out of water
Warranty 20 Years

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Pond Boss 13x20 PVC Pond Liner
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Pond Boss 13x20 PVC Pond Liner
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