Smartpond Pond De-Icer

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This Smartpond De-Icer is made of quality components that work most effectively during the winter months. It is a high performing unit that is cost efficient and demands very little power to operate. You can be sure your fish will have a safe and healthy winter once you have protected them from harmful gas buildup.

This 1250 watt de-icer will keep an area of the pond free of ice allowing a proper exchange of gases between the water and the air. This fish and plant friendly Smartpond De-Icer is thermostatically controlled. A 10 foot power cord comes with this pond de-icer. For use in ponds up to 600 gallons. Ponds over 600 gallons should use two units tied together. The Smartpond De-Icer should be placed in the water towards the edge of the pond to protect it from the wind. It should also be in a shallow part of the pond to help prevent ice from forming.

Just plug in your Smartpond De-Icer and float it on your pond dome side up. If the pond is already ice covered, drill a hole and place the Smartpond De-Icer over the hole. If the ice is only 1 or 2 inches thick, just place the Smartpond De-Icer on the ice and it will melt its way through the ice. Please do not chop through the ice in smaller ponds as the shock waves from the vibrations can damage or kill your fish.

This de-icer comes on at 35 degrees and kicks off at 45 degrees. It works based on the water temperature.

Duration Cycle This deicer is thermostatically controlled to turn on and off automatically. It turns on at 35°F and turns off according to internal thermostat shut off temperature
Energy Efficient Yes
Fish Safe Yes
Important Information •High quality 1250 watt deicer •Temperature thermostat to regulate operation •Designed to keep a small hole open to release harmful gasses
Submersible Floats
Warranty 1 year

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