TotalPond Sludge Remover 16 oz

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Maintain your pond or water feature the natural way with our TotalPond Sludge Remover. Don’t let sludge and slime take hold in your pond and give it an unsightly appearance. This TotalPond Sludge Remover can reduce your sludge problems and bring your pond back to its beautiful look while also keeping your filter running economically. A 16oz bottle will treat up to 960 gallons.

This liquid contains microorganisms that break down organic sludge and convert harmful nitrites into nitrates. This sludge remover is nontoxic, all natural, and safe for humans, animals and plants, and will not hinder the effectiveness of a biological filter. Use the TotalPond Sludge Remover in your water garden for a clean and clear environment all season. Please do not use with a UV light. The UV light must be off for 48 hours after the sludge remover as been added.
Fish Safe Yes
Important Information Treats up to 940 gallons. pH 5-6. Wear skin protectant when handling liquid. UV light must be off for 48 hours after use.
Warranty 1 Year

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