TotalPond Algaecide for Ponds and Fountains 16 oz

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If you find yourself faced with an outbreak of string algae, don’t panic. Simply reach for your bottle of TotalPond Algaecide water treatment. Follow the instructions on the bottle and you can be sure of having an algae-free pond imminently. Safe and non-toxic for plants, fish and pets, this great product is available in different sizes so you can purchase the amount you need for your pond. Please remember this product is used only for STRING algae, not for green water or the beneficial algal “moss” that grows on the sides of your pond. TotalPond Algaecide is safe and easy to use. Remove as much string algae as possible with a net, then apply Algaecide at the recommended dosage to eradicate the remaining string algae. TotalPond Algaecide for Ponds and Fountains is nontoxic, all natural, safe for fish and plants and will not hinder the effectiveness of a biological filter.

Make string algae a thing of the past with the 16oz bottle of TotalPond Algaecide algae treatment, sufficient to treat medium size ponds and large fountains.  Just follow the instructions and relax. String algae? What String Algae?

Duration Cycle See bottle for Instructions
Fish Safe Yes
Important Information Treats up to 5,678 gallons. Do not use unless you have String Algae. Must have continuous aeration.
Warranty 1 Year

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TotalPond Algaecide for Ponds and Fountains 16 oz
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TotalPond Algaecide for Ponds and Fountains 16 oz
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