TotalPond Chlorine Remover 64 oz

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TotalPond Chlorine Remover, available here in a 64 oz bottle, will remove the harmful chemicals that are found in tap water from your pond. TotalPond Chlorine Remover should also be used when introducing new fish, as it helps to replenish the natural coating and reduces stress on fish that are moved. Specially made for ponds and fountains, the TotalPond Chlorine Remover will detoxify your water, removing Chlorine and other harmful chemicals. It is totally non-toxic and safe for fish and plants. Use it in the first fill of your pond and as well when introducing new fish. Keep your garden pond free of dangerous chlorine levels with this useful and effective water treatment product. This product should be used when changing the water, replacing the water lost from evaporation, and in ponds that are overstocked with fish. This gives nitrifying bacteria the time it needs to recuperate and develop if biological filtration is disrupted or has completly stopped. Chlorine Remover will also neutralize residual chlorine and chloramine. This water treatment is safe to use with all water garden plants and animal life. Use TotalPond Chlorine Remover for a clean and healthy pond all season!

Duration Cycle As needed. Follow instructions on bottle.
Fish Safe Yes
Important Information Treats over 2,000 gallons
Warranty 1 Year

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