TotalPond Blue Koi Spitter

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In a shade of beautiful and elegant blue, the TotalPond Blue Koi Spitter increases oxygen within your pond. Made from quality materials, this jolly little fish is fun, aesthetically pleasing and useful all in one! Having beautiful pond accessories allows the pond to turn from dull to fabulous! The gentle trickling of the water will help aerate the pond and provide you with something tranquil to listen to while you lounge in your backyard.

Enjoy fish outside of your water garden with the TotalPond Blue Koi Spitter. Placing a spitter on the edge of your pond or water garden brings moving water to it, helping aerate the water for a healthy environment. The curved tail and upright fin on this statue evoke movement, creating the illusion that the fish will swim away at any moment. The two large eyes on the front of this fish spitter add a surprised expression, and the open mouth allows water to trickle back into your pond. Individual scale shapes bring realism to the statue, enhanced by the blue color and green accents. An adapter on one side of the fish accepts 1/2" inner diameter tubing (not included), bringing water to it. Connect the tubing to your existing statuary pump (also not included) for a fun garden accent. The flat base on the unit allows it to rest on the side of your pond with ease, and the construction withstands use throughout the season.
Adapter Size 3/8 in or 1/2 in diameter
Duration Cycle Continuous
Fish Safe Yes
Length, Width and Height 3.5 in. x 9 in. x 6 in.
Submersible No
Warranty 1 Year

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TotalPond Blue Koi Spitter
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TotalPond Blue Koi Spitter TotalPond Blue Koi Spitter
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