TotalPond Floating Lily Pad Variety Pack

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The TotalPond Lily Pad Variety Pack are replicas of the most beautiful varieties of water lilies known. These waterlilies require no maintenance except occasional light rinsing. They can be used either in shaded ponds, where natural lilies can't grow, or in sunny locations to create restful shade for pond fish. These floating lily pads add a touch of beauty to any water garden pond and may also be used in combination with natural waterlilies. Having these high quality lily pads floating around in your water garden adds a hint of subtle color but also gives an aura of tranquility. These lily pads are of such high quality there is never an issue with them fading. They are also safe for all your pond life such as frogs and fish. This Pond Lily Multipack will turn your pond into a rainbow of beauty! Used in sufficient numbers, TotalPond Floating Lily Pads can provide enough shade to reduce the possibility of algae blooms. Fish may seek shelter beneath the pads and flowers to escape notice by predatory birds, while frogs and small turtles can find easy resting places there. These floating waterlilies are made with a special protector which shields the foam float from exploratory but destructive nibbling by Koi and other pond fish. In addition, a special coating has been added to the foam float for extra protection and color-fade resistance.

Duration Cycle Continuous
Energy Efficient Yes
Fish Safe Yes
Length, Width and Height 2.00in x 8.13in x 15.20
Submersible No
Warranty 1 Year

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