TotalPond Solar Floating Lily Pond Light - White

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Your fish, plants and other pond life will be totally safe as TotalPond Floating White Lily Pad Solar Lights are toxin-free. Utilizing these lights is one of the most inexpensive ways to dress up your pond and add some great lighting to it. Our Lily Pond lighting will turn your pond garden into a relaxing environment for you as well as your fish friends. These lights can be used if you have a waterfall or fountain in your water garden. They require no maintenance except occasional rinsing. Our pond lily can be used either in shaded ponds, where natural lilies can't grow, or in sunny locations to create restful shade for pond fish. They add a touch of beauty to any pond and may also be used in combination with natural waterlilies. These artificial water lilies have symmetrical petals that won't clump together and the petals and lily pads are now specially coated to be more fade resistant and water-resistant. The stamens on each size water lily flower are now more natural looking and sepals have been added to the bottom layer of the petals on all water lily flowers. These lily pads are now made with more natural looking veins and a free weight and pre-looped green anchoring line is included with all waterlilies.

Duration Cycle Battery Charge Time: 4 hours. Battery Life Time: 6 hours
Energy Efficient Yes
Fish Safe Yes
Important Information Do not use in heavily chlorinated water, such as swimming pools. It will shorten the life of the product and void the warranty.
Length, Width and Height 4.7in x 10.2in x 10.25in
Submersible No
Warranty 1 Year

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TotalPond Solar Floating Lily Pond Light - White
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TotalPond Solar Floating Lily Pond Light - White
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