Pond Boss 300-Inch Pond Seaming Tape

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When a liner becomes compromised by a tear or puncture it can cause a great deal of worry for the pond owner. This is not the case though for those that have the Pond Boss 300-inch Seaming Tape on hand. It doesn't matter whether it’s an EPDM or PVC liner; this patch kit will quickly solve the problem. It works fast and blends nicely. If your pond liner has a minor tear or puncture you can fix it quickly and easily using this Pond Boss Seaming Tape. For optimum performance of the patches, drain the water from the damaged area and allow it to dry completely. Ensure that the repaired area is completely dry before refilling your pond with water. The Pond Boss Seaming Tape will help you maintain a beautiful and healthy pond season after season.

Accessory Type Pond Seaming Tape
Fish Safe Yes
Important Information Liner not included. Permanent rubber-based adhesive has no toxins and is environmentally safe. Water resistant tape resists cracking and shrinking.
Submersible Yes. Allow tape to adhere for 24-48 hours to ensure tear is completely sealed.
Warranty 30 days

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Pond Boss 300-Inch Pond Seaming Tape
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