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All of our pond pumps are tested for high performance, comprised of top quality materials, and constructed for quiet operation with a low-level energy demand. Pondplanet.com thrives on offering high quality pond pumps and accessories at the lowest cost on the market and all of our pond pumps have a warranty of up to three years with the exception of our fountain pumps which are covered by a one year warranty.


If you want to create a great looking water garden then you will need a top quality pond pump. Pondplanet.com specializes in all sizes of pond pumps for all sizes of backyard ponds, fountains and waterfalls. We carry all types of UV pumps, low-water shut-off pond pumps and we even have pond pumps with underwater lighting. The most important factor when purchasing a pond pump is the amount of circulation or GPH of your pond pump, which stands for Gallons Per Hour. You can determine the GPH needed by measuring the gallons of your pond by using the following equation: length x width x avg. depth x 7.5 = total gallons. Every body of water should be turned over once every two hours so a 1000 gallon pond would require a pond pump with a 500 GPH. All pond pumps clearly state the gallons per hour as well as the maximum lift height on the package. They also enable the use for filter and nozzle kits to be incorporated.

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